Finley a fun Museum

Since my class has not had a field trip in so long I think we should have one. My plan is to go to the art museum in San Francisco called Sfmoma.It will be a historic and plesint expernce.

Sfmoma has lots of history in its art like stuff from the 1800s.According to the web site they were founded in 1835 which is a fun fact if you ask me.Because the art is old, some people find the art historic.Important fact that’s why some of the art is not touchable.

Don’t forget Sfmoma also has lots of fun stuff to.However, do you remember when I said that only some of the art is not touchable, I didn,t say anything about the outside sculptures it’s awesome and touchable(you can touch it) even some of them move.But you still follow the rules no matter what because it could cause a lot of damage.

Would you consider going if I said that some of the art is electronic (you can use electronic device, if you have one) so if you can’t go you can go to the web site ( in sted.There has only been 3 crimes there in the past year.

Now tell me this do you still think that we should wait longer for a field trip ,or should we have one.


So much snow

It was so cold I was freezing like a popsicle

thats what made it so fun

all my friends and me made so many snow angels

I can’t believe it’s a snow day in Texas its the first time in forever!


I built a snowman I named it Jim then my brother and I had a snowball fight

I beat my brother in the snowball fight,

but Jim fell over.


I am frozen still as the snow fell into my jacket so so so cold.

Then it was time to go inside

it was bittersweet.


The Best Day I Ever Had!

  When  i  showed  up  to  his  b-day  they  had  tons  of  things  to  do.  My   favorite  thing  to  do  was  the  colorful  bouncy  house.

  We  jousted  in  mason’s  front  yard ,I  won  half  of  the  time.After that we  just  sat  and  relaxed.Then we  ran  to  Tidus’s  house,we asked if he wanted to come over to mason’s house,he said “no.”

  Then we played video games all night, we played mostly fighting games (ex.) black ops 2,and we played battlefield.

  I was very disappointed that i had to leave mason’s house,but i learned that fun things come to a end.